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There are multiple ways to enjoy Metro Cruise with your collector car...

There are many ways to get your car connected to Metro Cruise!  From being at the most elite event, to being along our famous Collector Car Row, to parking at your favorite establishment, to simply cruising 28th at your leisure, there are many ways to enjoy the event.  







Metro Cruise is unique in that it’s up to you how to enjoy the event.  Some collector car owners prefer to continually cruise 28th Street during the event, some cruise and make stops along the way, some buy a reserved Collector Car Row spot and stay parked during most or all of the event.  If you do NOT own a collector car, which most of our attendees don’t, visiting the Main Event sites, setting up a blanket and tent along 28th, or viewing from your favorite location on 28th Street is a great way to take in the cars without having to buy one!

The newest addition to Metro Cruise are the PIT STOP sites.  These sites all feature collector car clubs, and they all have reserved space for your collector car!  Simply drive into a PIT STOP at your convenience, and park amongst other collector cars with no fee or registration necessary.  Click here –> PIT STOP SITES for all locations and details.

Pit Stop at Betten Baker GrandvillePit Stop at Cascade Retail Center



PIT STOP at Oakestown-Borgman in GrandvillePIT STOP at Car City in Wyoming



PIT STOP at Sheraton Grand Rapids AirportPIT STOP at Grandville Plaza




If you have a classic or collector car of any type, and would like to apply to park it at our Metro Cruise Main Event site at Rogers Plaza, please complete the form below.  Our Main Event site is where the majority of entertainment is for Metro Cruise, including our live bands, 25+ food vendors, kids entertainment tent, Dyno car testing area, and much more.  Please note that these locations are in high demand, and some locations and times sell out very quickly.

Metro Cruise MAIN EVENT at Rogers Plaza


Metro Cruise Collector Car Row 2023 Application

Apply for YOUR car to be a featured car along our famous Collector Car Row at the 2023 Metro Cruise Main Event!
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PLEASE READ: For the safety of our staff, volunteers, and attendees, you agree to remain parked at your assigned space for the full length of your allotted time. If you are a no-call/no-show, or arrive more than 30 minutes late or leave more than 30 minutes early, you may risk forfeiture of future reservations. We do make exceptions, please contact us ahead of time.(Required)
The Fee is $20 per car, per slot at Rogers Plaza, Woodland Mall is $10 per car. We will notify you by phone or Email ONLY if you are selected. Please do not call or email asking for updates – we do not have any – you will be notified right away if we select your Application. Your Fee is then due within 15 days (cash, credit card, electronic payment).(Required)
For your application to be considered, please submit 1-2 pictures of your car to: Please be sure to include the applicant's name you used on this Application.(Required)
A map of these reservable parking areas can be found on the website under the News menu, Collector Car Row 2023 Application. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at:
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