Collector Car Row 2023 Application

Hi friends!

Our applications are officially open for registration for the 2023 Metro Cruise event, set for August 25 & 26.  Each year at our Main Event sites, we book classic, antique, muscle, sports, and special interest cars of all types to be part of the main attraction.  Some areas are in very high demand and there may be a waiting list – in particular the Famous Collector Car Row at Rogers Plaza on Saturday.

Metro Cruise is unique in that we book cars to park at our two Main Event sites (Rogers Plaza in Wyoming, Woodland Mall in Kentwood), for a set period.  These cars are a key part of the event as our high attendance of 60,000+ spectators come to walk the strip to see our diverse collection of cars.  We have a committee that reviews applications along with pictures to be sure the vehicles displayed are great additions to our event.

Please review the application rules and regulations.  We do ask you stay parked for the time period you select, as it becomes difficult and dangerous to try to leave and re-enter the event area with our high attendance of event attendees on foot.

This year we did make one big change – we split the Saturday into 2 separate bookings.  Because it’s such a long day (9am-9pm), we’re giving you the option of booking either the first half or second half of the day.  You may still choose the full day by checking both boxes.

*NEW FOR 2023 – we are offering an on-line booking option!  Click the “REGISTER!” menu tab, and complete the form on that page.  Or, you can choose to print out this pdf below, they you can fill out and email to us or mail it in.

We look forward to seeing you next year, August 25 & 26, 2023!

CLICK HERE — Collector Car Row Application 2023